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Pronto100: the fastest, smallest, best quality ID card printer in its class – with an environmental conscience.

small, light, fast, green, powerful, secure and flexible We’re proud to launch the smallest, fastest, best quality ID printer in its class. The Pronto100 is a  ground-breaking device optimised with remote management and built with an environmental conscience. Small size, high speed and superior quality: At only L309mm x H208mm x W179mm and 2.9kg, the Pronto100 has the smallest footprint in the ID...

SOLUTIONS to problems related to wear and tear on ID cards (four of four)

Now we have looked at the impact of wear and tear on ID cards, the reasons behind it and how to avoid it , we will complete this series by deliberating real-world solutions. We will consider: durability, print quality and protection within an over-arching context of maintaining security standards. Nothing lasts forever, and that applies to your ID card stock AND the printer itself. You may have...

How to AVOID wear and tear on ID cards (three of four)

Once you understand the reasons behind why ID cards deteriorate over time and what impact it can have, there are actions you can take to help minimise them. Here we look at how to avoid the effects of wear and tear by addressing card durability, security requirements, print quality and protection. Durability Some cards such as drivers’ licences need to last for decades as proof of identity but...

The REASONS behind wear and tear on ID cards (two of four)

Having previously explored what impact wear and tear on ID cards have, here we consider why it happens in the first place. Outside of a visitor badge or ID at an event, it is likely that a card has to be used every day for a multitude of purposes: access to different parts of a building, to data, for payments in a canteen and more. Plus, if it’s a magnetic stripe card, how many times is it going...

The IMPACT of wear and tear on ID cards (one of four)

We’ve looked previously at the importance of durability where ID cards are concerned and in this new series, we’re specifically tackling wear and tear: the IMPACT it can have, the REASONS behinds why it happens, how to AVOID it, and what SOLUTIONS are open to you. In this, the first instalment, we focus on the impact of wear and tear on ID cards. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, faded or...

Emerging from lockdown: dealing with identity

“Distributed working” has been a key theme over recent months. While your workforce may have been furloughed or working from home, as time progresses there will be inevitable reasons and opportunities for employees to come back into the office, however infrequently at first. You may be forgiven to think that this has no impact on individuals’ ID cards but now in particular is the time to consider...

Which type of card?

If your ID badge is going to act as more than just visual identification, selecting the right card to support the appropriate encoding technology for the application is fundamental. From physical access to logical access, access to data to tracking time and attendance to facilitating payments, ID card printers offer myriad printing and encoding options to help you customise your ID card solution:...

ID card software -how to choose

The software you use alongside your ID card printer is the tool which helps you to not only design and print your cards professionally, but also to include cardholder-specific information, visual security and encoding for specific applications. Look out for those which have an inbuilt design wizard to help you create an ID that’s unique to your purpose, and one with a user profile feature...

Are ID cards right for you?

ID cards can be used across multiple applications to improve efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, to protect and secure your organisation – whether Corporate, Government, Education, Healthcare, Transport and more. But are ID cards right for you? Firstly, in what circumstances would you need to prove you are who you say you are? There are a number of scenarios: Visual identity – you...

Keeping events secure

It’s sad but true: we’re living in a time where crowds have become an attractive target for those with malicious intentions. Large-scale events such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Comic Con draw in thousands and thousands of people over just a few days meaning event organisers and their security teams have the mammoth task of keeping these visitors safe for the duration. But how do they do this...


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