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Which type of card?

If your ID badge is going to act as more than just visual identification, selecting the right card to support the appropriate encoding technology for the application is fundamental. From physical access to logical access, access to data to tracking time and attendance to facilitating payments, ID card printers offer myriad printing and encoding options to help you customise your ID card solution:...

ID card software -how to choose

The software you use alongside your ID card printer is the tool which helps you to not only design and print your cards professionally, but also to include cardholder-specific information, visual security and encoding for specific applications. Look out for those which have an inbuilt design wizard to help you create an ID that’s unique to your purpose, and one with a user profile feature...

Are ID cards right for you?

ID cards can be used across multiple applications to improve efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, to protect and secure your organisation – whether Corporate, Government, Education, Healthcare, Transport and more. But are ID cards right for you? Firstly, in what circumstances would you need to prove you are who you say you are? There are a number of scenarios: Visual identity – you...

Keeping events secure

It’s sad but true: we’re living in a time where crowds have become an attractive target for those with malicious intentions. Large-scale events such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Comic Con draw in thousands and thousands of people over just a few days meaning event organisers and their security teams have the mammoth task of keeping these visitors safe for the duration. But how do they do this...

Security. Built-in

What level of security features is right for your needs? If you’re using cards purely for door access regardless of the identity of the holder, then the answer is probably very little. However, if you want to be sure that the person carrying the card is the person with access rights and hasn’t faked an ID, you’re probably looking for something rather more substantial. This...


We’ve gone through a lot of change in the last few months: building on our reputation for expert engineering and technical support and enhancing our focus on your needs by developing a number of new products. We are also investing more resources in supporting our excellent partner network. Our focus is on enabling our dealers and partners to do what they do best, which is deliver market-leading...

Transforming states’ road transport

When a government mandate was issued to transition from paper-based travel documents to Smart Card-based Driving Licences and Vehicle Registration Certificates, the idea was to curb malpractice such as forged licenses and unauthentic entries in vehicles’ registration books. It was a mammoth project that would completely transform the states’ road transport scenarios. It would increase...

What is a National Identity?

Today, passports and other forms of national ID might seem ubiquitous to those of us living in a globalised world, where we’re often asked to present some form of valid national ID to confirm “who we are” and “where we are from”. However, this hasn’t always been the case. It is only 500 years ago that King Henry V of England introduced the Safe Conducts Act 1414 which inscribed into law what can...

What is “Identity”?

What is Identity? Arguably, not just a photo on an ID card. It’s made up of so much more – from the way someone walks, to their voice and style of dress – not to mention individual characteristics such as fingerprints, irises and teeth. It is one of the most fundamental building blocks of communication, collaboration or commerce while at the same time, protecting...

Identity in Healthcare

Unfortunately, in the healthcare industry worldwide, a lack of automation accentuated by the use of old systems combined with a dependence upon manual processes means most medical facilities are highly vulnerable to data breaches. A global ‘2018 Cost of a Data Breach’ study conducted by Ponemon Institute says that for the eighth year running, healthcare organisations had the highest breach...


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