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Dye Film Warning

Over the last 12 months, we have had a number of reports of old, out of warranty, and even examples of counterfeit, Magicard dye-film. There is a concern that users of Magicard printers are unknowingly purchasing dye-film that will produce poor qual ity prints when compared to genuine Magicard film and can even damage the printer. The film most commonly replicated or falsely sold as new is...

The availability of fake ID cards

It’s sad but true. High-quality fake IDs are now easily available to purchase online. It’s becoming easier to get hold of equipment that aids the creation of ID cards. Criminals can buy card printing accessories that fit an ordinary Inkjet printer and which deliver a cheap, insecure version of an ID card. For organisations or businesses which use cards to signal membership or employment, the risk...

Printing ID cards via an ID card printer VS an Inkjet printer

As the need for ID cards around the world grows, so does the number of ways you can create them. Recently, kits have been launched which make it possible for home inkjet printers to print onto PVC cards. Of course, this is a cheap option, but we should look at how this compares to printing an ID card on a specially designed card printer which comes with security built-in. Inkjet printer Cheap to...

Why having an ID matters

Approximately one billion people around the world are currently living without any form of official ID. Research by ID4D and World Bank found that almost half of these people are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, one in two people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack identification. The same research also reported that more than 300 million people in South Asia live without an official ID. In many...

Magicard launches Ultima at Security Essen 2018

  From today, (25th September 2018), Magicard is attending the Security Essen show in Germany alongside our partner Heyden-Securit. Unlike other events we’ve been to in the past, this won’t be just another tradeshow for us…. Security Essen marks the launch of Ultima, a ground-breaking printer which we are pleased to announce to you all and which is available for sale immediately from our top...

Magicard donates to U.S breast cancer charity

At the end of 2017 we asked our users to rate our printers. In return, we would be donating $5 for each survey completion to a breast cancer charity. Now we have had the results, we are happy to announce we will be donating $2,500 to The Pink Fund. The Pink Fund provides 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients in active treatment – meaning they can focus on healing...

UK dealers can win a trip to NYC

Dealers working with our UK partners Trade-ID, are taking part in our 360-day long competition. The overall prize? A short break in New York City with $360 spending money. The rules? Firstly, sell the most Rio Pro 360 units over four three-month periods. Trade-ID will be keeping track of the number of units sold by the end of July and October 2018 and January 2019. One winner will be announced at...


One of the issues we at Magicard are most concerned about when it comes to the question of ‘personnel identification’ is personal security; a subject that is often thrown into sharp relief by accidents and atrocities across the World. Wherever people congregate there is potential for incident: and as summer approaches my mind turns to the various concerts and sporting event which I plan to attend...


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