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Dye Film Warning

Over the last 12 months, we have had a number of reports of old, out of warranty, and even examples of counterfeit, Magicard dye-film. There is a concern that users of Magicard printers are unknowingly purchasing dye-film that will produce poor qual ity prints when compared to genuine Magicard film and can even damage the printer. The film most commonly replicated or falsely sold as new is...

The availability of fake ID cards

It’s sad but true. High-quality fake IDs are now easily available to purchase online. It’s becoming easier to get hold of equipment that aids the creation of ID cards. Criminals can buy card printing accessories that fit an ordinary Inkjet printer and which deliver a cheap, insecure version of an ID card. For organisations or businesses which use cards to signal membership or employment, the risk...

Printing ID cards via an ID card printer VS an Inkjet printer

As the need for ID cards around the world grows, so does the number of ways you can create them. Recently, kits have been launched which make it possible for home inkjet printers to print onto PVC cards. Of course, this is a cheap option, but we should look at how this compares to printing an ID card on a specially designed card printer which comes with security built-in. Inkjet printer Cheap to...

Which type of card?

If your ID badge is going to act as more than just visual identification, selecting the right card to support the appropriate encoding technology for the application is fundamental. From physical access to logical access, access to data to tracking time and attendance to facilitating payments, ID card printers offer myriad printing and encoding options to help you customise your ID card solution:...

ID card software -how to choose

The software you use alongside your ID card printer is the tool which helps you to not only design and print your cards professionally, but also to include cardholder-specific information, visual security and encoding for specific applications. Look out for those which have an inbuilt design wizard to help you create an ID that’s unique to your purpose, and one with a user profile feature...

Are ID cards right for you?

ID cards can be used across multiple applications to improve efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, to protect and secure your organisation – whether Corporate, Government, Education, Healthcare, Transport and more. But are ID cards right for you? Firstly, in what circumstances would you need to prove you are who you say you are? There are a number of scenarios: Visual identity – you...

Why having an ID matters

Approximately one billion people around the world are currently living without any form of official ID. Research by ID4D and World Bank found that almost half of these people are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, one in two people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack identification. The same research also reported that more than 300 million people in South Asia live without an official ID. In many...

Keeping events secure

It’s sad but true: we’re living in a time where crowds have become an attractive target for those with malicious intentions. Large-scale events such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Comic Con draw in thousands and thousands of people over just a few days meaning event organisers and their security teams have the mammoth task of keeping these visitors safe for the duration. But how do they do this...

Security. Built-in

What level of security features is right for your needs? If you’re using cards purely for door access regardless of the identity of the holder, then the answer is probably very little. However, if you want to be sure that the person carrying the card is the person with access rights and hasn’t faked an ID, you’re probably looking for something rather more substantial. This...


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